Track training: British Superbike School


Just because it’s called the Superbike school doesn’t mean you have to ride a 1000cc sportsbike, a session on track can teach you plenty you can use on the road…

What is it?

The British Superbike School, based at Blyton Raceaway in Lincolnshire, is a circuit based motorcycle rider development day with tuition from police rider instructors, ex-championship winners, TT riders and qualified advanced riding instructors. Only nine riders are allowed on the circuit at a time and there is a 3:1 ratio for riders and coaches. There are three levels – level 1 is for road riders to improve basic bike control, level 2 is for road and track riders and focuses on advanced riding techniques and level 3 is one on one individual professional on-track coaching.


Who is it for?

Anyone can attend on any kind of bike. Despite the name, it isn’t just for riders of larger capacity motorcycles and 125 riders are more than welcome. Whether you’ve had experience on track before or not – it doesn’t matter as you are matched up with riders of similar experience.

How much does it cost?

It costs £289 for either level 1 or level 2 which covers five sessions on track, in class presentations and continual feedback from your coach. Level 3 costs £489. If you want to loan a Honda CBR600, then the price is £275 for the day and there is a returnable £350 cash deposit.

I’ve done it…



Carli Ann Smith headed to Blyton raceway to try out the British Superbike School, here’s what she thought…

“You might wonder how riding on a smooth race track with nothing coming the other way can teach you skills for riding on the road – you’d be surprised. It’s all about confidence. By pushing yourself and your bike further than you do on the road, you will have more faith in your ability and your bike.

“The first session was all about track familiarisation and then the subsequent sessions worked on a number of different skills. Three of the track sessions required you to ride round in one gear and not use your brakes – easier said than done – but it was a great exercise for learning about throttle control and planning ahead. The fourth session encouraged you to brake hard and feel what it was like to use your front brake progressively – something that many people don’t experience until they’re in a situation on the road where they grab a handful of front brake and then are shocked at the reaction of their bike.


“The final session puts all the building blocks together and you find yourself riding round the track a lot quicker and with a lot more confidence. The classroom based teaching is helpful, sets the scene for the on track exercises and gives you the chance to ask ROSPA instructor and course leader, Mike Abbott questions. I really liked the way there was just a small group on track as it gives you chance to try different things and not worry about being overtaken all the time. Not only is it a fantastic day out and a great chance to experience track riding for the first time, there are some valuable lessons to take onto the road with you.”

For more information visit the website: or call 01777 818013.