SuperNEX electric supersport motorcycle revealed at MC Live

First announced at the 2018 EICMA International Motorcycle Show, KYMCO’s SuperNEX was unveiled to the UK public on KYMCO’s stand at Motorcycle Live – and O2W was on hand to record the occasion. Watch our video and see what you think.

According to KYMCO, the SuperNEX has a revolutionary 6-speed transmission that allows riders to make use of the most optimal power band of the motor to extract the full potential of the vehicle. The gears help improve not only the efficiency and responsiveness, but also the acceleration and top speed. As a result, the SuperNEX can go from 0 to 100km/hr in 2.9 seconds; from 0 to 200km/hr in 7.5 seconds; and from 0 to 250km/hr in 10.9 seconds.

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The electric SuperSport styled e-bike is designed around the philosophy that shifting is the art of motorbike riding. Hence, it boasts an advanced 6-speed transmission that allows riders to enjoy every minute of their skill-honing endeavours. It comes with clutchless upshift and downshift features and the slipper clutch further helps smooth out the ride on normal downshifting.

An unfortunate shortcoming of today’s electric motorcycles is that the inherent characteristic of the electric motor has a power curve that reaches maximum horsepower at mid-range and then declines thereafter. As a result, on a single gear electric motorcycle, once it reaches a certain speed, the surge of acceleration starts to fade.

The electric motor is born to be quiet by nature, which can become an issue without sound; however, the SuperNEX offers the world’s first Active Acoustic Motor and a multi-frequency acoustics generator reconstructs the dynamic sounds with great authenticity. That sound communicates the rpm level and the load condition of the motor, constantly giving the rider situation awareness, so they can determine their timing for shifting the gear and applying the throttle. And, with the rpm rising and the speed climbing, riders hear the surge of sound one crescendo after another.

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KYMCO has promised us that more information will be available soon, but in the meantime keep an eye on their website at where more information will be published as soon as its available.


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