Shoei RJ helmet black

Shoei RJ helmet review

Shoei RJ helmet black

Tested by: Nick Mowbray

RRP: £224.95 // Sizes: XS-XL // Colours: Black, matt black, white, silver


The RJ open-face helmet, produced by market-leading helmet manufacturer Shoei, offers potential buyers the safety, construction, style and product quality they have come to expect from this brand.

Inside the box you will find the helmet, care and warranty instructions, and the removable plastic peak, which easily secures to the helmet via three firm poppers and can also be removed with ease.

The great features incorporated into this helmet include its lightweight construction: it weighs in at just 1.2 kilograms, which is 800 grams lighter than the Spada I tested, offering notable additional comfort on longer rides and causing less fatigue.


Shoei RJ

This version of the RJ is finished in matt black, which is stylish and goes well with all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters, as well as bike clothing, the only penalty being that there seems to be an additional charge for this finish from most retailers.

I find the classic D-strap fastening a bit cumbersome to do up, especially with motorcycle gloves on, although undoing the strap is made easier with the red pull cord.


This helmet has four vents – two at the front and two at the back – although in the current wintery conditions I have not opened them whilst riding. The vents open and close with ease when the helmet is off and are perhaps best adjusted before riding as this operation is difficult in motorcycle gloves, particularly for the front vents.

The Shoei feels snug, strong and secure when on, and is constructed of a composite fibre shell (which for good fitting is available in three individual shell sizes) and is type-approved to ECE 22-05 standards. The chin pads are removable for washing, as are the chin strap covers, meaning that this helmet can be kept fresh for longer.

Shoei RJ helmet


I particularly liked the additional protection this helmet offers around the ears, the light weight of the product, and the stylish matt black finish of this particular model along with the aforementioned security from buying from a brand like Shoei. If you want an open-face helmet for riding regularly and are used to a full-face helmet as I am, this is a good option to go for.

Other things to note are a five-year warranty, detailed instructions, and poppers to securely attach goggles (sold separately). The microfibre liner feels great, and brings back memories of my old Shoei XR 900 Helmet when it was first worn many years ago. Overall, this is a great helmet at a good price which is reflected in the features, quality, fit and finish. It certainly lives up to the brand expectations.

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