Review: Knox Buxton Jeans with Spectra 


Tested by: Ross Mowbray // RRP: £199.99 // Sizes: S – 3XL // Colour: Blue denim // Info:

The Buxton jeans, made from 12oz Cordura Denim and an abrasion resistant lining of Spectra (which Knox tells us is 15 times stronger than steel and is used to make ballistic-resistant vests, safety helmets, marine cordage, lifting slings and cut-resistant gloves), are the first motorcycle jeans to be lined with this fancy new fabric.

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You’ll also get a pair of Knox Lite Plus CE knee protectors and hip protectors with the jeans, which allow you to take full advantage of a unique feature the jeans offer – the ability to gain access to the knee armour from the outside, using a discreet zip, so they can be removed without having to whip your trousers down (not always appropriate) and pull the protectors from the lining.

Aided by the lightweight Spectra, these denims are styled to fit, feel and look like fashion jeans, and as a consequence mine have had plenty of use in the last few weeks, both on and off the bike – even receiving a few compliments in the process. And to me, that versatility is one the best things about the Buxton. I can ride to work in the morning, knee and hip protectors in, sit down at my desk, unzip and whip them out. End of the day, pop them back in, zip up, and I’m all set for a quick blast on a long summer evening.

It’s also worth noting that they’re a surprisingly slim fit, and despite having pretty spindly pins, I had to go for a slightly bigger waist size than I would usually. Likewise, I know a couple of the chaps in the office struggled to get them on at all. All in all though, they are a fantastic pair of jeans – I’d just encourage you to try them on first.

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