Motorcycle covers

In an ideal world, no one would have to leave their motorcycle or scooter outside, everyone would have a secure shed or garage in which to keep their ride. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

However, that doesn’t mean just because you haven’t got four walls and a roof to cover your bike that it has to be left exposed to the elements.

There is a wide range of outdoor covers available in a range of sizes and styles to suit all sorts of bikes and scooters. The most expensive covers justify their price not only by the level of weather protection they use, but also by the additional features built into them. Basically, the heavier the waterproof fabric used, the better it will be able to protect your bike from the elements. Consideration should also be given to the interior of the cover; premium covers will have a soft lining to protect the bike’s paintwork from scratches.

While the main aim of a cover is to keep the bike dry, you’ll need to consider what happens when you cover the bike up after a wet ride. Some covers have ventilation panels built into them which help prevent condensation from the moisture on the bike developing inside the cover and then settling on your bike.


When it’s windy you need to be sure that your cover will stay on the bike and to help this most covers are elasticated around the bottom edge. Better covers also have straps that meet under the bike to help keep them in place. Some covers will also have holes in for a lock to pass through; this will not only help you to keep your bike secure but will prevent theft of the cover.

Another option to keep your bike safe while it is covered up is visibility. A lot of people have to park their machines by the side of the road and if you put a dark cover on it becomes hard to see at night. However, a cover fitted with reflective panels or trim will mean there’s less chance of your bike being knocked over by a car driver trying to park in low light.