Forcefield L2 back protector review


RRP: £104.99 | | Tested by: Bruce Wilson

I’m a crasher. Always have been and probably always will be. Which is why I need good quality kit that I can depend on, like Forcefield’s L2 Back Protector. Call me tight, but I’ve had this protector for more than four years now. And I definitely don’t intend on changing it any time soon. Besides, it doesn’t need changing. It might smell a bit but the structure of the protector is still as sound as it was when I first bought it. That’s despite the abuse of some 20-plus
crashes. Some of which I definitely wouldn’t have walked away from had I not have been wearing it. So top marks in that department and also in the comfort area too. The special compounds that form the multiple-layered protector mould to your back’s shape with the addition of body heat, meaning you hardly know that you’re wearing it. It’s genius. And the adjustable strapping around the shoulders and waist ensure the item never moves out of position, regardless of what you throw at it. For me, this is the ultimate back protector. I trust it and it fits me well. If you’re not already wearing  back protector I’d recommend it to everyone.

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