Waterproof reflective gloves

067-WattBike-Prd Rvws-Prfoviz Wtrprf GlvsReviewer: Jonathan Schofield

RRP: £34.99

Comfortable and padded in the palm, these Proviz gloves will give you all the protection a commuter is going to need on the quite regularly cold and wet UK commute to work. The fluorescent yellow material along with the reflective trim helps to keep you very visible – a must on the busy roads – whilst the fleece lining helps to keep you warm yet allow heat and moisture to escape. The gloves differ from standard fleece-lined gloves in that the fleece is not touching the skin. It is instead the middle layer. This helps to prevent sweating. The palm and underside of the fingers of the glove are covered in small black rubber dots that help massively with grip, another great safety feature.


Info: www.moorelarge.co.uk