UK’s motorcycling theft hot spots revealed

Those living in the South West of England are at the highest risk of motorcycling theft, according to new research* from motorcycle insurance brokers, Carole Nash.

The data, which has been released to raise awareness of the company’s forensic coding product, DNA+ revealed that Greater London, Brighton and Southampton are the three main hot spots for motorcycles to be stolen in the UK.

Recent research from the Home Office** also showed that thefts increased by a staggering 44% in Greater London. Across the UK, the report also revealed a “3% increase in police-recorded thefts of vehicles in England and Wales, the first rise in two decades. This appears to be mainly due to an increase in stolen scooters and motorcycles.”

On average there are 26,000 motorcycles stolen every year costing owners, the industry and insurers an estimated £105million. Of these, findings from Carole Nash reveal the top five most popular makes and models to be stolen:

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  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Vespa-Piaggio
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki

October and May were found to be the most popular months for motorcycle theft, followed by the summer months, June, July and August.

To find out more about what deters thieves, and what creates an easy target, Carole Nash worked with Kay**, a reformed bike thief from London who has just completed a university degree.

He commented: “When I was stealing bikes, the first step I would take would be to find one that wasn’t chained to anything sturdy, so in order to prevent theft I would definitely recommend locking up your bike to something solid!

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“Boredom was one of the main reasons I started stealing bikes as a teenager, but of course it was also largely down to the amount of money I was able to receive by selling on the parts. Forensic marking, such as Carole Nash’s DNA+ product, would have definitely deterred me from stealing a bike as there would have been a much greater risk of the police identifying the stolen bike and subsequently for me to have been caught and arrested.”

Detective Superintendent Raffaele D’Orsi, said: “The MPS is committed to the detection, disruption, arrest and prosecution of those involved in moped and motor cycle theft and the associated enabled crime.’

“The police and the motorcycle industry are seeking to educate owners to do everything possible to prevent the theft by better protecting their vehicles, whilst we focus on targeting those stealing and using stolen powered two wheelers.

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“We are already working with industry to make these vehicles harder to steal, but I urge all riders to consider improving the security of their vehicles by using a forensic coding system. By everyone playing their part, we can thwart the thieves who steal these vehicles and perpetrate further crimes.

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash added: “We know how devastating it can be to discover your motorcycle has been stolen and wanted to raise awareness to help reduce theft across the country.

“DNA+ is a sophisticated forensic protection system which bike owners can apply to their bike to leave an invisible unique mark. If the bike is stolen, the police are equipped to identify and return it to the owner via the DNA+ system. Any customer who takes out a policy with us will receive one completely free of charge, to help deter bike thieves.”

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The Motorcycle Industry Association is also in support of Carole Nash’s campaign to raise awareness of the increase in bike theft. David Luscombe of the MCIA and Kay*** discuss bike theft in an interview which can be found on the Carole Nash website here:


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