Torrot Muvi twin battery

“Essential, dynamic, practical and lots of fun” is how Torrot describe their Muvi. Is this a reasonable statement, or a marketing slogan designed to entice you in?

I admit I was expecting a lame lack-lustre experience – more Mrs Miggins mobility scooter than what I got, as this lightweight, manoeuvrable Muvi had me smiling within the first few miles. It’s no race machine and takes some getting used to (less noise than a spin drier), but once you’ve grasped that it’s pretty much silent, weighs only 86kg (including the twin 8kg batteries) and is brilliant in the traffic, Mrs Miggins mobility scooter is a distant memory.

In the few days I’ve been able to ride the Muvi I’ve made excuses to do just that, racking-up a healthy 100 miles-or-so. The range you’ll get from a fully charged battery depends on which of the two power modes you decide to use. In ECO mode the claimed range is 40 miles and a top speed of 30-33mph. In FULL mode, there’s a slightly quicker throttle response and a top speed of 45mph, but this affects your range, lowering it to a displayed 32. I’ve taken these displayed numbers as a challenge to be accepted and admit to not travelling too far, making looping journeys of six-eight miles to minimise the possibility of running the charge out completely and being stranded miles from home. I’m happy to report that even giving the Muvi a ‘spirited, hold the throttle open and keep going’ ride, it returned 28 miles before I chickened out, swapping to ECO mode.

The Muvi has two separate 8kg batteries located under the seat which can be charged on the scooter, or removed with well-designed and sturdy handles to wherever your charging point is.

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The Muvi looks just like a small, well-manufactured, mass-produced petrol bike; the main giveaway being the lack of exhaust, and from the front, the narrow tyres. The seating and riding position are as you’d expect – not cramped – and it comes with a handy bag hook on the front legshield. Also, the suspension coped with bumpy roads fantastically, so you’ll have little to complain about. It also has Bluetooth interactivity (a strong statement – let’s say Bluetooth compatible app which connects with the latest smartphones so you can change how your dash looks (three options) and how speed is displayed (kph or mph). You can also see ride stats, battery stats and even get online advice and support.

I enjoyed my time on the Muvi; this scooter is a metropolis monster, beating congestion charges and costing a small amount to run. It ticks so many boxes that I cannot wait to see what Torrot have to offer in the future. It’s an easy-to-ride, fun city scoot. The only minor point (and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here) is that it’s a tad slow of the mark and feels like it could do with a little more pulling power from a standing start. This is no reason to not to take this lightweight seriously. If you’re an urban commuter, or just want a way of getting around, it’s well worth a look. It would fit perfectly on the back of a large motorhome for trips to the shops, or the beach.

The OTR price for the Muvi is £4495, but it qualifies for a 20% government discount, so actually ends up costing £3596. Now if you look at the cost of a year’s transport around London or Manchester, then I’d say yes.

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Words: Jonathan Schofield
Images: Gary Chapman

ENGINE: Torrot brushless 48v, 4,1CV (3kw) / 35Nm
MAX SPEED: City 28mph, Executive 47mph
BATTERY: removable 2x 48v 25Ah LiNiCoMn
RANGE: up to 68miles
WEIGHT: 85kg (battery included)
CHARGER: 54.6v 5a double battery charger (5hrs).
OPTIONAL: 54.6v 10a double battery charger (2.5hrs).
PRICE: £4495 (£3596)

O2W RATING: 7 stars

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