Torrot electric kids’ bikes now available in the UK


Torrot electric kids’ bikes now available in the UK

Midlands based distributor Dualways Ltd has announced the arrival of the Spanish built electric kids’ bike brand, Torrot.

The Torrot Brand was launched in the 1960s, building small capacity motorcycles and bicycles up until the early 1990s. The brand was re-born in 2011 by an engineering and design group set on designing and building sustainable and practical electrical and hybrid machines. The Torrot parent company is also the new owner of iconic trial and enduro brand, Gas Gas.

Dualways Ltd is the sole UK distributor for the Torrot Kids Off Road Range, offering three different versions, the E (Enduro), T (trials) and S (Supermoto). All three types are available in 10” or 12” wheel versions.

The Torrot range uses a system that can be controlled by a Smartphone App which allows full control and adjustment of throttle response, engine braking, overall power and even allows the parent to set the boundaries of an area, so if the bike travels out of this area, the motor cuts out.


Dualways Ltd sales director Henry Maplethorpe explains: “The whole ethos and vision for the Torrot brand is something that we feel will be a large part in the future for off-road riding.

“I believe that electrical products will have a huge part to play in the development of junior riders over the coming years. With the Torrot products, kids can practice in their back gardens without causing a nuisance to neighbours. The Torrots are fully adjustable for each rider, and so parents can make the bike as mild and slow as they wish, and all from their mobile phone.

“We are really excited to be working with Torrot for the UK market.”


The first production of Torrot bikes will be available from the 14th of December.

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