Shox MX-1 Duo motocross helmet

068-WattBike-Prd Rvws-Shox MX-1Reviewer: Jonathan Schofield

RRP: £69

For the more adventurous e-bike rider (especially something like the Brinco I tested recently) this Shox MX-1 helmet offers the benefits of a full motocross helmet in a fantastically light shell. Stunning looks and packed with features, the MX-1 helmet is a viable choice for the avid off roader.


Aerodynamic design reduces turbulence and allows for a more comfortable ride. The helmet also features an air flow system to keep you cool, a quick release chin strap and anti-slide plates for goggles. Should you want to take it to the track, the MX-1 is fully ACU gold approved. Combine all that with the great value pricing and you get a helmet that simply allows you to focus on what really matters, the thrill of the ride.