Schuberth Metropolitan 1 helmet review


£299 upwards

Reviewer: Mau


The jet style open face helmet has always been a popular choice for scooter riders, commuters and other style-conscious riders, so this new Metropolitan 1 (M1) helmet from German manufacturers Schuberth should prove popular. It’s at the top of the price spectrum for a jet style helmet, but then you are getting top notch German quality which comes with great flexibility and numerous equipment versions.

Out on the road, the helmet is comfortable to wear with a surprisingly low amount of wind noise being generated compared to what I’d normally expect to get when wearing an open face helmet.  You can choose to ride with either a full, clear quick release Pinlock-ready visor, or a drop down tinted sun visor. On this helmet the inner visor switch is located on the side of the helmet  – as opposed to being top dead centre (where it’s positioned on most).; this translates into it working easily and smoothly with a gloved hand, meaning that there’s less fumbling around to complete the manoeuvre. One of the problems I’ve experienced with inner visors is that because they are closer to your face, they sometimes sit on the bridge of your noise, which can be irritating – not so with this one; there’s plenty of clearance.



At 1500g, the shell is extremely lightweight and whichever colour you choose from the range the helmet is supplemented with an integrated titanium head ventilation feature. Should the need arise, the interior padding can be removed and washed. Size availability is from XS to 3XL in seven colourways.

Built to ECE 22.05 standard, the helmet comes prepped for communication with pre-installed invisible microphone, built-in speakers, antennae and cabling. All that’s needed is the optional Schuberth ‘SRC-system’ which latches to built-in ready-made notches without any need to disturb any of the interior padding. The system can then take bike-to-bike calls, phone calls from your mobile via Bluetooth, or you can also listen to music and GPS instructions. The whole system is simple and straightforward.