Review: Spada Compact WP boots

Spada Compact WP boots review


RRP: £89.99


Reviewer: Mau

I’m not a particular fan of tall riding boots, so the opportunity to try out a pair of Spada’s Compact boots came as a welcome opportunity for me. Made of PU coated leather, they sport several features including a moulded gear change pad, a reinforced toe and heel, a race sole and a toe slider.

One point I particularly liked about them was the ease of fitting and putting them on and fastening them up can be done in a matter of seconds – just adjust the flip-over micro-ratchet to suit and simply clip it shut; then all that’s need is to fasten the additional Velcro strap into place and the job’s done.


In the past I’ve sometimes had a few issues with the actual fitting – it can take a while to ‘break-in’ a new set of boots, but at the time of going to press, I’ve been wearing them for around four week and have had no such problems with these; they have felt comfortable to wear from the outset, aided by their cushioned insole and Accordian ‘comfort’ panels. OK, there was a little stiffness in the material (as you’d expect with any new pair of boots), but no skin rubbing (especially around the ankle area) was experienced.

Visually the boots look quite smart and sport the obligatory brand label alongside a few light blue coloured reflective elements of design. They are available in black only in sizes 6 to 14.



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