Review: Nano waterproofs from Tucano Urbano


RRP: Jacket £42.99, trousers £39.99

Tucano Urbano offers a good choice of rainwear, and there’s one particular range that I like above all others: the Nano collection. The jacket and trousers in the Nano range are super lightweight and thin, making them ideal for touring as they take very little space and weigh next to nothing.


The Milanese brand says the Nano collection is positioned mid-way between performance and comfort, and designed for those who hate being caught out by bad weather. Well, that’s me then. I find the jacket and trousers a lot easier to live with than one-piece waterproofs. I can even make my peace with the fact that one-piece suits offer better performance. If it gets that rainy you’ll find me in the nearest tea shop, thank you very much.

Both the jacket and trousers can be packed away in the small carry pouches provided and take very little room in the panniers or back pack. I have started carry these around with where ever I go on the bike.



TU jacket Waterproof Nano trousers