Product Review: Agrius Rage SV Warp Helmet

Product Review: Agrius Rage SV Warp Helmet

RRP: £89.99 but available from Ghost Bikes for an incredible £29.99!

Colours: White/Blue, White/Red and White/Green

Sizes: XS-XXL

Tested by: Andy Catton

I like the style, fit and features of this budget full face helmet – and at its current price from Ghost Bikes, this helmet is an absolute bargain. When I was told about its £29.99 price tag and Sharp 4 star safety rating, I was blown away. Would it work? Have any corners been cut? Would I actually want to wear and ride in it?

Firstly, the positives; It offers a comfortable fit – and there’s a removable washable lining and removable mouth piece, making it easier to keep your clean too. The strap is secure, padded and opens and adjusts with relative ease. Personally, I like D straps – but for new riders, or as a pillion helmet – this system works well and can be operated in thick winter gloves with no fuss. Ample ventilation is offered through three front ports, and can be adjusted depending on the weather.

The field of vision is plentiful too, with an easy-fit visor. And the visor is super easy to activate with a gloved hand – plus there’s a built in sun visor too, a great feature to help improve vision in direct sunlight. There’s a lovely pearl white colour scheme with bold pink (in this case) and it weighs in at 1450 grams, which is on par with most other similarly priced full face helmets on the market. Ultimately, the helmet feels secure and safe, and with a four star Sharp safety rating you should feel confident out on the road.

Negatives are few and far between, and taking into account its price my criticism may feel a little harsh. However, with no Pinlock insert as standard, regular all weather riders will need to consider upgrading to minimise visor fogging. The visor itself scratches quite easily too, so be sure to treat it with care off the bike.

Great helmet, amazing price, superb buy, and backed with several very positive owners reviews. There’s a range of colour schemes if you’d fancy the pink, but if you own an early 90s Yamaha you could be in colour-coded heaven. Ultimately, I can’t ignore the price of this very complete helmet – and it comes with a draw string carry bag and some stick on reflectors for winter and night riders, to help riders be better seen.

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