Post-test training

Passing your motorcycle test should be just the start of your riding career. To pass it you need to ride to a set standard and your instructors will get you to that level. However, being able to ride at test standard doesn’t mean you know how to ride well.

So how about learning how to be a smoother and safer rider once you have passed your test? There are plenty of options starting with the government promoted Enhanced Rider Scheme. It’s not a test but more of a check on how you’re riding and advice on how to improve. If your riding is up to scratch after the assessment you’ll get a DVSA certificate of competence straight away. If you need to improve you’ll be advised on the training you need and the cost will be dependent upon that.

Another free option is BikeSafe, which is run by police forces around the country. It’s a one-day course where you spend the day riding with police motorcyclists. Once again they’ll check your riding and offer you pointers about how to be a smoother, safer rider.

If you want to take your riding up to an even higher standard there are a couple of paid for options to consider; RoSPA’s RoADAR and IAM RoadSmart. With both, you take a paid for test that is widely recognised by insurers and which should assuming you pass get you a reduction on your premium. To get to test standard for either you’ll need to complete a number of rides with an observer who will provide insights into how to read the road, position yourself, and correct use of gears and speed.

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A RoSPA test pass (bronze, silver or gold) will be valid for three years. Success at the IAM test will get you a green badge and the opportunity to undertake further training to take a Masters test possibly the highest civilian riding qualification available.

Whatever level of training you decide to take on if should lead to you being not only a safer rider but ultimately a more confident rider and that in turn will make every journey more enjoyable.


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