Posiscion ladies jacket review


RRP: £145.99

Reviewer: Carli Ann Smith


Tucano Urbano is known for making some seriously stylish gear to wear on two wheels – and this Posiscion ladies Jacket is no exception.

The outer shell is made from eco suede and treated with a water resistant Teflon – whilst I’ve never worn it in a heavy rainstorm, I’ve worn it out in drizzle and it’s kept me dry. Do I trust it as much as other textile garments? Unfortunately not. Does it look cool? Yes.

It’s a classically cut short biker jacket and has a cut specific to females – there’s fitting adjustments on the sides of the waist and also on the wrists. I found the sizing quite small, so went for a size bigger than I usually would – bear that in mind if ordering online.


There’s plenty of pockets to choose from on the outside and the inside and the two outer pockets are perfectly placed for putting your hands in on colder days. It doesn’t come with armour as standard, but there’s the option (and pockets) to insert D30 elbow and back armour.

Tucano Urbano has developed their ‘Reflactive system’ – which gives you visibility when you want it. On the wrists and collar there are strategically placed reflective strips which you can fold away when you’re not on the bike.

If I’m being completely honest about this jacket, I wouldn’t want to wear it on anything other than a scooter in town as I’m not too sure how the ‘eco suede’ would score on the scale for abrasion resistance. If you’re looking for a jacket to wear casually or at work and then jump on your scooter for a short ride home, then it does the job.


Info: www.tucanourbano.com/gb