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Reviewer: Mau

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Panta Fast overtrousers are part of Tucano Urbano’s latest product range. They have a thermal lining and are claimed to be waterproof. TU had the urban commuter market in mind when they designed them – the idea being that they are quick and easy to slip on over you’re your normal work/office attire to provide protection from the elements on the ride to work; once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s a quick and simple job to just slip them off and pack them away in their own supplied carry sack (although you might want to dry them off first if it’s been raining); you could be ready for work in a few minutes.

Worn like an apron, the Panta Fast has a strap that goes behind the neck and two fastening points along the legs. Its bottom strip goes up through the back, and then the side Velcro tabs are fastened. To remove it, simply pull the Velcro fasteners. Putting them is relatively easy and it took me no time at all before donning my jacket ready for my journey.

The overtrousers are constructed in what TU claim is a 100% waterproof polyester material featuring taped seams and a high water resistance. Velcro tabs are fitted on the side of each trouser leg to stop wind and rain entering from the bottom, as well as providing a fitted adjustment to prevent flapping at high speeds. The outer shell uses abrasion resistant material and high visibility reflective inserts, and there are also internal pockets for knee protectors should you wish to purchase them.

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There are two pockets built into the bib – one for storing items, and another one that turns into a space-saving backpack style storage sack with mesh to facilitate its drying. Size availability is SM / L-XL / XXL-3XL.

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