NUVIZ Head-Up Display now available in Europe

Described as the first Head-Up Display designed for motorcyclists – the innovative new device fits to any full-face helmet and displays customisable information in your natural line of sight.

The clever gadget allows you to funnel navigation, communication and media through a single device, plus the NUVIZ has a HD action camera built in too – which can all be controlled by the glove-friendly wireless handlebar controller.

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Tony Carter, Editor of our sister title Motorcycle Monthly Carter tested one on a 2,000 mile blast from Austria to the UK and fell in love. Click the link below to check out his review.

Video Review: NUVIZ Head Up Display system

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Features include:

  • Head-Up Display – the NUVIZ HUD displays an image in the rider’s line of sight, giving them access to customisable information including driving conditions and maps. The Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) micro display offers crisp and vibrant full colour in all lighting conditions.
  • Navigation – an included GPS function and global offline maps allow riders to select routes and destinations and receive turn-by-turn instructions, view zoomable maps and more. All maps are included for free – so no need to buy additional maps depending on where you plan to ride.
  • HD action camera – the built-in camera captures photos up to 8MP and HD videos up to 1080p/30fps. Photos are saved to the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth and videos recorded directly onto a microSD card – not included. Housed on a ball joint, the angle of the camera can be adjusted easily and the HUD allows for a ‘live view’ to align the camera after being attached to the helmet mount. The device includes an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness.
  • Communication – the integrated headset and microphone allow riders to make and receive phone calls and provide narration on videos.  Compatible with most major brand Bluetooth enabled headsets, NUVIZ users can pair and communicate with others too.
  • Music – the integrated headset means that NUVIZ riders can listen to music on the go.

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The NUVIZ pairs with a dedicated smartphone app – available both for Android and iOS devices. It allows riders to play routes and save favourite rides, access photos on the device and view riding statistics captured by the NUVIZ sensors.

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It’s compatible with most full-face helmets, and is attached to a low-profile base-plate (designed to allow the device to detach in the case of an accident of fall) which adjusts to the user’s right eye, but still allows for small tweaks after installation. The HUD combiner optic is fully replaceable and additional accessory mounting kits allow for one NUVIZ device to transfer to different helmets and controllers to different motorcycles.

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Chief Design Officer of NUVIZ, Valtteri Eroma, added: “We know that there are many types of riders on many different kinds of machines. NUVIZ is designed for those riders who want to dial up or down the information they have access to – all while keeping their eyes ahead. Situational awareness is critical, and riders who appreciate this technology learn that it can enhance the ride without distracting from it. We expect that many touring riders, sportbike and adventure riders will appreciate the benefits of a head-up display added to their favorite full-face helmet.”

NUVIZ is currently available in the US and Europe via – and costs £615, with free shipping, 30-day returns policy and one-year warranty included as standard.


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