Merino Jersey


Reviewer: Jonathan Schofield

If you have a hankering for something retro but not so trendy that you could be called a ‘Hipster’, then you’re looking at one of the most comfortable and well-made cycling jerseys that you could possibly find in all of the metropolis we call the internet. On opening the package I was as giddy as a pre-Christmas tiny tot who’s seen that Santa’s eaten the mince pie that was left out. The feel of the H2Dry supersoft Merino wool, (a technical treatment that makes the yarn more breathable, insulating, elastic and uncrushable) was warming and comforting. I have to admit to a cheeky skip to the gents for a quick change and yes it felt as good I was hoping. The obligatory lower back pockets are hardly noticeable, which in a world of over-bright skin tight Lycra’s a nice change.

This classic style full zip through moss green and ecru coloured jersey that I’ve been wearing and the short sleeved navy blue, ecru and orange striped jersey that Charlotte has been testing have washed fantastically, and given that I do have a tendency to sweat like an over-squeezed teabag have kept their shape.


A great thing about these products are that they’re unisex due to the stretch in the wool. This helps the price stay on the more acceptable side for such a well-made product.

You do need to check out the website as they sell off their older designs at a reduced price, but they’re still the same amazing Merino wool. Oh by the way, you can also wear them while not on your bicycle and you’ll not look like an ‘all the gear, no idea’ muppet.

A fantastic, well-made jersey that washes well and wears better, looks cool and keeps you warm. If you really need to you can personalise the jersey at an extra cost.


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