Latest tech: Self-cancelling turn signal system


Some new motorcycles come with self-cancelling indicators, but for most of us on two wheels, it’s a matter of remembering to cancel the indicator manually. But now it might be possible to get that sorted with a new aftermarket smart self-cancelling turn signal system.

Slovenian ABCS SISTEM has developed what they call Smart Turn System. According to the company the system is the first self canceling turn signal system for motorcycles that is able to accurately turn off the signal at the completion of a maneuver. As the system makes use of motion sensor technology it is able to reliably determine whether a rider has changed a lane, exited a roundabout or simply completed a turn at a crossroad – the turn signal is always canceled as the maneuver is completed. A patented system collects movement data of the motorcycle and uses an algorithm to determine what kind of a maneuver is taking place – once it is finished, the system completes its job by canceling the turn signal.


Here’s a quick video to give you a flavour of the system:

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