EXO2 Stormchaser heated motorcycle jacket review

020_Prod Rvws_Stormchaser heated jacket

RRP: £259.99 upwards

Reviewer: Roger Jones


I’m an all-year-round rider and for a number of years I’ve been using a heated vest. However, my old bones are feeling the pinch so I decided it was time to upgrade to a full heated jacket.

The fit is comfortable and not bulky – I often wear it as a jacket off the bike, thanks to its subtle styling. Due to my bull neck, the collar has to be laid flat – much like a collared shirt would fit – it can however be used as a roll neck top.

A 10-amp fused power cable is supplied for connecting direct to the motorcycle battery, but I prefer to use the Hella plug fitting as I have suitable sockets on all of my bikes. A four-level in-line power controller – there is a bike mounted controller available if required – allows you to pick your desired level of heat and only uses 5 Amp at full power.


The cable supplied is long enough that you can put the controller wherever you need it; I put mine at the side of my tank bag. Because of the length of the wire, make sure that when off the bike the cable is tucked in to a pocket, otherwise it will drag on the floor.

There are plugs at the bottom of each arm, tucked away in Velcro pockets, that enable Stormshield or Stormguard heated gloves to be connected without the requirement for a separate cable harness.

The Stormchaser can be machine washed as there are no heating wires; the jacket – which is claimed water and windproof – uses FabRoc heat technology. FabRoc is a lightweight polymer that produces infrared heat energy when a low voltage is passed through it. It’s sewn in to the front, back, sleeves and collar.


A maximum surface temperature of 50°C ensures no overheating spots, and having ridden in below-zero temperatures on a number of occasions, I’ve often had to turn it down because I’ve been so toasty.

There’s an optional power pack that can be used when off the bike (sold separately) but with this, heat is only generated in the back and kidney area.

Available in sizes 36” to 65”, the Stormchaser could be considered a tad expensive, but anyone out there who has ridden in sub-zero temperatures with many layers on, and still felt chilled to the bones would happily pay anything to get warm. I know, I’ve been there… not anymore.


Info: www.exo2.co.uk / 01698 746347