Earplugs in a nutshell



Aside from drowning-out a nagging spouse, earplugs are a great habit to get into. Riding without them will eventually damage your hearing; wind noise also causes fatigue and stops you hearing what your engine is doing. Here are three types of earplugs to try.



Foam earplugs come in various shapes and colours and cost just a few pence so they’re pretty much disposable. Try a few different types to find a pair that work for you.


These silicone Auritech earplugs cost £19.95, but they’re washable, very comfortable, come in a metal container and they work very well too. They’re our favourite mid-priced earplug.


91-WB Sdbr-Auritech earplugs-NEW


Custom fit earplugs start at around £60 and are moulded to your ear canal for a perfect fit. They take a little bit of getting used to, but once they’re in, virtually all wind noise is eliminated, leaving just the sounds you need to hear.

91-WB Sdbr-custom earplugs