An e-bike motor to fit any bicycle

Fancy adding some pedal power to your bicycle? Then maybe the Bimoz is the answer…

Bimoz is an e-bike motor that weighs four pounds and works in any weather, at any temperature and in different environments.

The manufacturers’ claim that easily connects to any bicycle, from mountain bikes, to racing bikes and city bikes. To connect Bimoz to your bike, remove the pedal, attach Bimoz to the bottom bracket, then reconnect the pedal. Instead of adding power to either the front or back wheels, it adds it directly to the middle of the frame. To recharge, the removable battery can be plugged in at home or at work. The Bimoz doesn’t have gears. Instead it uses a direct drive motor. It has a standard range of about 80-93 miles and can usually hit speeds up to 16 mph depending on driving conditions.

There’s also a Bimoz app for you to track your routes and share details with friends, or you can use it as a training tool. You can enter your pulse rate and if the ride becomes too much, Bimoz provides assistance; alternatively, if the ride is too easy then Bimoz lets you do more. It’s full customisable to your personal fitness, with various levels of difficulty.

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A Bimoz-system includes the connector, control-unit, a battery, the power regulator, a Bluetooth-speed-detector and the installation guide. Different riding packages are also available.

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