This is where slow riding skills come in useful

6 expert tips to help you filter safely

This is where slow riding skills come in useful
If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll be aware of filtering through stationary or slow-moving traffic. But are you filtering safely? Here’s how you can make sure you are, with IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.
  • Any prolonged session of filtering is tiring and requires the utmost concentration. On certain machines the riding position may cause discomfort at slow speeds. Be prepared to stay in line for a short time if you are affected.
  • Filtering should only be used when traffic is stationary or moving slowly (up to 20mph) and you shouldn’t be travelling any more than 10 to 15mph faster than the traffic if speed limits permit.
  • When filtering to the offside of stationary or slow-moving traffic be especially careful when approaching junctions, nearside or offside. Obey all keep left bollards and keep a door’s width between you and the traffic to allow you time to respond. Do not cross solid paint to filter. If the traffic moves off you commit an offence.
  • If filtering between lanes maintain a safe escape route and a speed that allows you to stop.
  • Use the mirrors of the cars to help you identify when they are likely to change lane, and remember you are likely to surprise some drivers. Remain courteous and stay safe.
  • If in doubt do not place your machine into a gap just because it will fit. Be aware of the needs of others – an HGV will possibly have to swing wide to turn and you may be in a blind spot

Richard said: “We all want to make progress with our journey but don’t get too impatient or tailgate other road users.

“Be patient and filter through traffic with consideration for road users around you. If done correctly you’ll get to your destination faster while not affecting others abilities to do the same.”


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