bike shed

6 clever ways to store your motorcycle


Keeping your motorcycle dry, safe and secure is important – therefore, deciding where to store your beloved machine can sometimes be a challenge – but it doesn’t need to be. Here are just some of the storage choices available – and you don’t have to live in a mansion to find the room…

1) Garage



This is an obvious one. If you have a garage, then clear a space in it and pop your bike or scooter in there. It will keep it out of the elements and secure from any undesirables that might want to get their mitts on it.

2) Someone else’s garage

Often people with garages aren’t using them – why not ask around and see if there are any local garages available to rent?

3) Bike shed

bike shed


Not everyone has a garage and doesn’t have room for a full-sized one designed to house a car. Check out the bike sheds that are available. Made out of metal, they are just big enough to house a motorcycle and offer a great alternative to building one. There are a number on the market – some are even made out of recycled materials.

4) Storage shelters

Similar to bike sheds, instead of being made from metal, they’re made from thick polyester. One benefit of these is that they can often be folded up and down to save on space when not in use. It’s like a tent for your bike!

5) Motorcycle cover

bike cover


Covers offer a good alternative to erecting a permanent structure and are good for riders who don’t want to spend too much money. Prices start at around £20 for a cover, ranging right up to around £100. Simply throw over your machine after a ride and you’re done. We’d definitely recommend using a chain and padlock as well for security though to keep it safe.

6) In the house…

Stay with us on this one. If you can convince your loved one that keeping your bike in the house is a good idea then this is a good option. Be careful of any spills of oil and petrol though and obviously don’t start it up inside because of the exhaust fumes.