Abus disc lock

Abus Granit Victory 68 disc lock review

Abus disc lock

RRP: £ 90.99-£92.99

Reviewer: Mau

German company, Abus, has been producing padlocks for over 80 years. They produce from portable disc locks, ground anchors, U-type shackle locks and heavy duty steel chains, to more flexible cable locks for lightweight motorcycles and scooters. The Granit Victory 68 disc lock features a 14 mm steel bolt, lock body (and supporting elements of the actual locking system) which are all made out of a specially hardened steel. Its unique round shape and turn-able outer ring all come together to handicap the use of special opening tools often used by thieves. All of this means it provides a high degree of protection against lock-picking or other manipulation attempts.

The lock comes with two keys, one of which is light by LED; an Abus code card is included should the need arise for additional or replacement keys. A memory cable is provided as reminder to prevent riding off unintentionally whilst the bike is still locked (in the case of the 68 ‘Roll Up’ version, the memo cable is integrated into the lock, so that you can’t lose it).

Info: http://www.feridax.com