Three ways to improve your riding



Whether you’ve been riding for a year or 30 years there’s still time to improve your riding skills. Here are three ways to advance your skills…



Read all about it, if you’re not one for additional formal training maybe reading about it is worth a try. Police Motorcycle Roadcraft is the book all police motorcyclists use. As I’m sure you’re aware, they are the fastest and smoothest riders on the road, so this method of training must work. In essence the book gives you the framework to build your skills, learn about positioning, defensive riding and a system of motorcycle control that will make you enjoy riding more than ever.


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If you want to take things a step further RoSPA base their test on Motorcycle Roadcraft. Their trainers and examiner are usually serving or ex-police riders and the advanced test and training gives you something to aim for if you want to hone your skills. The test is graded from bronze to gold and a free re-test is taken every three years. Initial RoSPA membership costs £51-61 depending on age (including your first test and training) then is just £25 a year. Some insurers offer a 25% discount for RoSPA members. For more info visit

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The police run Bikesafe courses around the UK, they’re subsidised so don’t cost much and not only give good classroom based theory and advice but you also get a chance to have an observed ride being followed by a police motorcycle. Strangely every motorist sees you when one of those is behind you… More info can be found at


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