Test ride KTM’s 2018 SX machines at a KTM Off Road Day

KTM is offering riders across the UK the chance to test ride their latest range of SX motocross machinery at a range of leading UK race tracks.

Running from the end of June through to August 2018, KTM Off Road Days provide the opportunity to test a 2018 adult SX machine – from 125 to 450cc, two-stroke and four-stroke. Aimed at experienced motocross riders only (aged 15 and over) the KTM Off Road Day is being run in conjunction with Barry Johnson’s highly acclaimed KTM Motocross Experience set up at a range of tracks across the country.

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Each KTM Off Road Day offers a rider the chance to ride in two 20-minute sessions on two SX machines of his or her choice. Technical insight and a briefing will be provided by Barry and his team at each event. Available bikes include;

•            2-stroke – 125SX, 150 SX, 250 SX

•            4-stroke – 250 SX-F, 350 SX-F, 450 SX-F

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The off road days will cost £50 – and if you’re interested in booking and would like a bit more information, click HERE.  Ultimately, it’s a great chance to have a go on the latest range of machines from the Austrian brand.

KTM Off Road Days Dates & Venues

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•            June 27th – Apex, Worcester

•            July 11th – Apex, Worcester

•            July 21st – Golding Barn, West Sussex

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•            August 2nd – Fat Cats, Doncaster

•            August 3rd, Fat Cats, Doncaster

•            August 16th – PJMX, Northumberland


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