Supply restored following Juicy Bike factory fire

Two Juicy Bike employees and one firefighter were injured during a major incident on the morning of June 15, 2019 at Juicy Bike’s plant in Portugal, which destroyed their summer stock of bicycle frames. The two staff members, aged 24 and 51 years, were rushed to hospital have since made good recovery and it was lucky that no lives were lost during the raging fire that completely destroyed the paint shop. This was a serious fire. In total 90 firefighters attended with 30 vehicles from three stations regionally and because of their prompt and efficient fire control, it was finally extinguished later that same evening. Investigations continue into how the fire broke out in a building where bike frames for Juicy and Neomouv are finished. More than 1000 frames were destroyed. The impact on supply of Juicy and Neomouv bikes this summer has been enormous and has stretched both the patience of hundreds of customers hoping to receive their new bikes for the holiday season and the perseverance of staff breaking bad news and solving the difficult problem of replacing so many frames at short notice. Local support has been immense and demonstrates a fine example of how the bike industry rallies to each other’s aide. As a consequence of that support and following a massive effort from colleagues across three continents the assembly line is now producing bikes again. With production now continuing the factory will be in a position to deliver bikes to customer’s in the week beginning September 23, 2019, some 10 weeks after the devastating fire.


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