shoei nxr

Shoei NXR motorcycle helmet review

shoei nxr

RRP: £329.99 (plain)

Reviewer: Carli


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, full-face, lightweight, sports helmet then the NXR may be the choice for you. I’d seen the specification of this new lid from Shoei, and having been a big fan of the Shoei GT-Air (which I’ve been using for a year now), I thought it would be right up my street.

One of the first things you notice, before you even put it on, is just how light the NXR is – 1300g to be precise. The lid has a newly designed shell which is smaller in size to its predecessor and there’s been plenty of testing done in a wind tunnel to ensure it’s aerodynamic. Why does it matter? If a helmet isn’t aerodynamic, it can often put your neck under increased strain and the wind can make it wobble around at high speed – not with this lid. I’ve done numerous track days, motorway journeys and my regular commute and the lightweight ACU Gold approved shell does its job.

Ventilation is taken care of by three intakes at the front and four outlets at the back and work effectively to keep you cool. Closing them up on cooler days is easy – even with gloves on.


I don’t ride without ear plugs, but for those who rely on the helmet to protect their hearing, the NXR has large cheek and ear pads to help reduce noise – there’s a chin curtain too to stop the wind coming up inside the helmet too.

The removable and washable interior is made with moisture wicking and quick drying fabric. It fastens up using the double-D ring system – which enables you to get a snug and comfortable fit.

I really like the visor mechanism – not only is it very simple and easy to remove and replace with tools – it’s Pinlock compatible and a fog-free lens is included in the box.  The visor itself is pretty nifty – its injection moulded and made from polycarbonate – and has different curvature and thickness at each part for the best view. The aperture – as in the bit you look out of – is large and gives plenty of vision.


As with all new Shoei lids, they are equipped with Shoei’s ‘Emergency Quick Release System’ – in the event of an accident, by pulling the two red tabs at the bottom of the cheek pads, the pads can be removed, making it easier to remove the helmet.

Available is seven sizes – XXS to XXL in a number of designs and graphics – including a Marquez and Shakey replica. Unlike the GT-Air, the NXR doesn’t have an integrated sun visor, so for those really sunny days – and because I think it looks better in pictures – I’ve got a black visor. Replacement visors cost £45.

It was love at first sight before I even wore this lid. This love was further cemented as soon as I slid it onto my head for the first time and headed out on a jaunt. I’d definitely recommend you head to your local dealer and try one on for size…