Review: Furygan neck and plastron 2W


RRP: £14.99 

Reviewer: Mikko Nieminen


This Furygan neck and plastron 2W, neck warmer is part of Furygan’s 2W range of thermal undergarments, designed to keep you warm on those cold days. It’s windproof and covers your neck and the top of your chest without being bulky, so it fits nicely under your normal riding gear.

I think the idea is to pull it up to your nose so it covers your chin and mouth (there’s a bit of mesh at the top so it doesn’t affect your breathing), but I have never suffered from a cold nose on the bike, so I found it more comfortable to only pull it up to my chin.

I was surprised how well it stopped wind compared to regular neck scarves, despite being light and thin. The item comes with a pouch to store it in and it takes very little space so if I’m not wearing it I pack it away with me whenever I’m on a bike. It’s certainly worth a try for all-year riders.


It’s now my second winter of using this bit of kit, and I’m still impressed with it.