caberg rivera

Review: Caberg Riviera V2+

caberg rivera

Tested by: Richard Graham

RRP: £89.99 // Sizes: XS-XL // Colours: Various colours and graphics


The helmet looks smart, with matt black and hi-vis yellow stripes adding a touch of style to an otherwise understated lid.

Putting it on, the fit feels perfect; in particular, the cheek pad and ear area are very comfortable. Locating and securing the chin strap is a natural and intuitive process, and a reassuring set of clicks lets you know all is secure. The chin strap sits perfectly under the chin, and to release it there’s a perfectly placed tab for quick release.

The visor is large, fits closely to the chin and offers excellent all-around vision. In case the sun comes out, a tinted visor can also be deployed. The mechanism to deploy the tinted visor looks a little fiddly but in fact is very straightforward; even with a gloved hand it’s easy to lower the visor. Again, the fit of the inner visor is good, sitting just above the nose and offering good sun protection. It’s much easier than stopping to put on sunglasses.


caberg riviera

The recent weather has been unseasonably mild but it would seem that the helmet is perfectly wearable in most weathers, and offers good protection from the wind.

The main visor is easily removed; just a quarter-turn of the quick-release mechanism and off it pops. The tinted visor can also be removed if required, although this is more fiddly and requires a small screwdriver to depress the clip. I can’t see any need to remove and clean this on a regular basis, but the facility is there in case.


The material liner can also be removed; just unpop the popper on the cheek pad and work around the Velcro to release the lining.

This is a good quality helmet with a reassuring weight and quality feel, offering understated style and decent comfort.



caberg riviera helmet