Motorcycle buying advice: How to barter…


HPI, the provider of is offering a helping hand so that used buyers can negotiate a good deal. HPI’s simple guide to bartering a bargain offers tips on what to say when negotiating the price on a used motorbike, when buying privately or through a dealer. Senior Consumer Services Manager, Shane Teskey, explains, “All too often used buyers find the machine they want and have to pay the full sticker price because they are let down by their poor negotiating skills. The way you ask certain questions can make a real difference when clinching a good deal. “The trick to a good negotiation is to make sure the vendor or salesperson knows you’re a serious buyer without appearing desperate.”

What NOT to say:
• I really like this bike
• Have you sold many today?
• What sort of discounts are people getting at the moment?
• Please can I have a discount?
• Are you sure you can’t meet my budget?
• Is that all that my old bike is worth?
• What will it cost if I pay in cash?


What you SHOULD say:
• I’m interested in this bike, but I need more on my old one
• Has it ever been in accident?
• How much discount will you give me?
• Can you meet my budget – if not, I can buy elsewhere?
• I’ve seen a better deal at (mention a nearby competitor)
• If we can agree on £xxxx then you have a deal
• Has it been HPI Checked?

Make your offer based on the faults you’ve found. If they won’t haggle then leave your number and go. There’s another bike or scooter with your name on it – you just need to find it.