Malossi T-Max 500 transmission kit

006_N+P-PRODS-malossi Tmax kit

RRP: £ ask

Malossi has updated its popular Over Range transmission kit for the Yamaha T-Max 500, with new key components. According to Malossi, the new Over Range kit for the 2004-2011 model years is built around the latest generation of the Multivar variator, the MHR Next, which has improved roller ramp and drive face angles to widen the gear range. These distinct changes further improve the acceleration and response, as well as improved shifting consistency.

Combined with the new, larger diameter torque driver, fixed half-pulley and the MHR X Kevlar drive belt, which are also included, the Over Range kit gives a noticeable improvement over the standard transmission setup.
Included in the kit are: Multivar MHR Next variator, torque driver, MHR X Kevlar belt, two sets of rollers, fixed half-pulley, MHR grease, torsion spring, and torsion controller.

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