Expert tips: Passing Module Two first time

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Andrew Rayfield runs Compass Motorcycle Training in Chesterfield. Here’s his top tips for passing your module two first time…

Enjoy yourself

If you’re paying for it then you might as well enjoy yourself. It helps to try and forget the examiner and simply treat it like another ride out with your instructor.

Have Teflon shoulders

If you make a mistake, try to just forget it and move on. Part of the marking structure allows the examiner to use discretion when they see a fault. If they see a borderline serious fault, but the student deals with it well and doesn’t do it again, then it’s highly likely you will get away with it – if you go to pieces and let it affect you then you won’t.

Do your homework

There’s plenty of resources out there to make sure you’re prepared so use them. Make sure you’re up to date with the Highway Code and check out the DSA Official guide to riding.

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Local knowledge isn’t important

The examiner won’t be expecting you to know the area. If the information isn’t there, they will give it to you. Listen to what they are saying and read all the signs and road marking to make your decisions. Don’t try learning test routes; just ride the road you can see in front of you.

Examiners are nice people

Remember that they are actually nice; gone are the days that the examiner was a stern-faced robot that inspired nightmares. You’ve already met them once in your module one so try and keep calm.


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