Biking jobs

If you really like motorbikes what could be better than riding your bike for your work? The question is though, what to do ?

Well, if you want to ride bikes all day then the most obvious choices are courier or food delivery rider. The easiest option is delivery rider, as basically, anyone with a moped can do that job, but that also means it’s the lowest paid option. You’ll get more money working as a motorcycle courier, but that’s reliant on you living in an urban area where there’s a courier circuit for you join.

There is another option to consider if you want to ride all day and get paid for it. Join the emergency services and then work your way towards the motorcycle section. Most police forces have motorcycle teams and in larger cities, the ambulance services often have motorcycle paramedics, too.

A third option to be able to get out and ride a lot is to become a motorcycle instructor. Of course, to do this you’ll need to either pay for your own training to get qualified yourself or convince a training school to sponsor you in return for you working for them for a set number of years.


Be careful what you wish for though. All of these options will expect you to ride all year round in all sorts of weather. Are you sure you want or are prepared to do that?

So you still want to be around bikes, but don’t want to ride every day? In that case, it’s time to start knocking on the door of all of your local motorcycle dealerships. Possibly the easiest way into the trade is to start in retail working on the shop floor of a dealership and see where that leads you.

While you’ve been reading this you’ve no doubt been thinking working on a bike magazine must be a great way of earning a living from an interest in motorcycles. The reality of it is you’ll spend most of your time on the phone trying to arrange for bikes and kit to test and then hours staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to write. Then when you do get to ride you’re constantly thinking about what you’re going to write about the bike you’re on.