Altitude jersey and shorts


Altitude jersey and shorts
RRP: £26 (jersey) / £48.75 (shorts)

Reviewer: Jonathan Schofield

I’ve never been one to do the whole matching riding gear, as at my age it’s normally deemed that you’re a bit on the sad side to think you are able to keep up with the younger generation. BUT the Altitude Jersey and shorts I’ve tested here, kind of changed my mind-set somewhat.

Built from lightweight material that’s slightly fitted (I’m glad it wasn’t skin tight, or I can tell you that I would not be having photos taken) and flattering, I was more than happy to quick change, jump onto a bike and vanish into the local wood. The jersey is manufactured from a material that wicks away moisture quicker than a sheet of that well-known kitchen paper towel and with my constitution being the way it is, I have a tendency to produce a little more of the wet stuff than most. What a great thing it is to be as wet as dolphin, but appear as dry as Jack Dee’s wit. As for the shorts; what a revolution! I’ve been used to cheap and cheerful combat shorts with the obligatory extra gentleman padding. Usually these are next to useless after the first wash. Not these Altitude shorts from Fox. Put together by the finest fairies of the clothing wilderness, these shorts with double front popper fastening fitted brilliantly, moved and didn’t rub and came with detachable inner padded fitted shorts should you be on the longer more bumpy of rides.

Would I recommend these products? You bet your cotton socks I would. For the price that you can pay on the net and high street, for fashion brand riding gear that does nothing but show you’ve spent too much. The Fox brand has been fine-tuned over years and whether you’re a fair weather rider, or a hard-core downhill all-weather junkie Fox has the apparel you need at a price that won’t make you feel as queasy as that captain of the Titanic.