Winter kit tips: Heated clothing


There are lots of ways to keep yourself warm on the bike through the winter, but if all else fails, go for heated clothing – it’s your best bet to keep warm.

  • If your core is warm, your extremities will be warmer too, due to the improved blood flow. If you haven’t tried heated clothing and you feel cold on your bike, they really are worth a go.
  • Heated clothing can be wired to your bike’s battery or it can be powered by a small battery that you can carry around with you and recharge in between rides. The first option usually offers more warmth and you won’t run out of charge on a longer ride, but you have to remember to disconnect the lead from the battery before you jump off your bike or you risk snapping it.
  • The most common heated clothing items are vests and gloves, but there are also heated trousers, socks and even insoles available, so depending on your preference you can get kitted out in heated gear almost from head to toe.


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