TU expands rainwear range

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RRP: From £42.99

Tucano Urbano’s rainwear range expands with three new Set Diluvio lines and an upgrade on the practical Nano collection. The Milanese brand says it guarantees full waterproofing and breathability with the new rainwear.

The new products in the Set Diluvio range include: Set Diluvio Rex, offering breathability, waterproofing, visibility and performance and designed for touring (RRP: £96.99); Set Diluvio Plus, a companion for riders whatever the type of journey (RRP: £59.99); Set Diluvio Easy, which is claimed to be ideal for short-to-medium journeys (RRP: £44.99).


The compact and practical Nano collection has been improved; the Nano Rain Plus jacket (RRP: £42.99) and Panta Nano Plus trousers (RRP: £42.99) are mid-way between performance and comfort, for those who hate being caught out by bad weather.

Info: www.tucanourbano.com / info@tucanourbano.co.uk