The ‘Royal Family’ celebrates Ride to Work Week

*The 'Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ and ‘The Queen’ arrived outside the palace….  Photo credit: Carole Nash
*The ‘Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ and ‘The Queen’ arrived outside the palace….
Photo credit: Carole Nash
*Queen lookalike, Mary Reynolds, William lookalike, Andy Walker, Kate Lookalike, Jodie Bredo

To celebrate Ride to Work Week, one of the UK and Ireland’s motorcycle insurance brokers, Carole Nash, gave ‘The Queen’ a ride to Buckingham Palace this morning ready to start the working day.

The motorcycle provider has been trusted to make sure precious royal cargo made it to the palace on time.

Carole Nash also extended its offer to the whole Royal Family, seeing ‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ get on board a Carole Nash insured bike, complete in biker gear, to make their way to the Palace alongside ‘The Queen’.

Ride to Work Week (20th -26th June) celebrates the motorcycling industry and educates riders on the benefits of biking. Riding to work saves time, is cost effective and enables commuters to make use of easier parking facilities. Moreover, the fun that comes with riding a bike to their place of work is evident for keen bikers.

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When asked how she felt about her ride to work, ‘The Queen’, said: “I’ve got my pick of vehicles to take me to Buckingham Palace, but I trusted Carole Nash to get me there safely!”

The ‘Duke of Cambridge’, added: “Ride to Work Week is a fantastic idea to get more motorcyclists on the road and enjoy their commute to work. I myself am a huge motorcycle fan and know that it’s often more fun than other forms of transport.”

To support Ride to Work Week and encourage as many workers as possible to join in, Carole Nash is providing free commuting cover to every one of its road bike policyholders throughout Ride to Work Week.  As Carole Nash is adding cover automatically to these policies in the UK and Ireland, customers are encouraged to choose two wheels over four and get on their bike!

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Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing at Carole Nash, said: “Ride to Work Week encourages people to get out on their bikes and we look forward to supporting this every year. What better way to celebrate Ride to Work Week than having ‘members of the Royal Family’ riding on Carole Nash insured bikes!

“We wanted to give something back to the biking community by offering a weeks’ free commuter insurance. This will not only encourage people to ride their motorcycle to work, but highlight the many benefits to commuting via bike, including it being an overly enjoyable experience. We hope that people take full advantage of our free insurance and put the fun back into their daily commute.”

With the average commuter in Britain spending a whopping 1,708 hours during their lifetime commuting to their place of work, getting on a bike can allow riders to avoid congestion and use bus lanes in many towns and cities throughout the country. Public transport can also cost a hefty amount each month whereas small scooters have great fuel consumption, with some costing just 1p to run per mile.

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