Review: Rukka Argosaurus gloves

Rukka Argosaurus gloves review


RRP: £229.99


Reviewer: Mikko

I had almost forgotten that not all leather gloves are dull and black. Then I got my hands on these brightly-coloured Argosaurus gloves from Rukka (they do black ones too). They have a race-oriented look, but come with lots of features that are great for road riding.

The gloves are fully water and windproof, while still breathable, thanks to the Gore-Tex X-Trafit technology. This doesn’t make them bulky though, and there are no thick layers inside. I would class these as three season gloves: perfect from spring to autumn. There’s ventilation in the fingers and knuckles, helping to keep your hands cool on the warm days.


Because the gloves are reasonably thin, there are good levels of touch sensitivity in the palm and fingers, helping to feel the bars and stay in control. The fit is great, with stretch panels on the fingers, thumb and back of the hand ensuring that the gloves are snug but still flexible. There are two Velcro fasteners on the wrist to further help the fit and secure the gloves in place.

Rukka is a brand known for the quality of its products and these gloves are no exception. The stitching and materials used are top quality throughout. The knuckle protectors are made of titanium and there’s ample protection on the palm side too.

There’s a handy visor wiper on the left thumb to help keep the visor clear.


Overall, these are high-quality gloves that offer great levels of protection, comfort, weatherproofing and style.