Review: Oxford disc locks

If you want to add a bit of extra security on your bike while on the road, disc locks are a good option. They are small and light to carry, and although they don’t offer the same level of security as heavier equipment, they might just be enough to put an opportunistic thief off. I have tested these two from Oxford, and found them ideal companions on my travels.

Screamer alarm

RRP: £34.99


As disc locks go, this is a pretty hefty one. It boasts a 100dB audible alarm and has a 7mm locking pin. It comes with a carry pouch, three keys and key replacement service (don’t forget to note the key number down for them to be able to replace them).

Using the lock is easy. You just slot it in place around the brake disc, push the locking pin in and then push a button to activate the alarm. If anyone tries to move the bike and the alarm detects this, it will start making enough noise for most thieves to scarper.




RRP: £22.99

The Mini-T is very small and light option for those who want to minimise the weight and bulk. It has a 5.5mm locking pin and high security Oxford locking mechanism with the one push-to-lock feature. It doesn’t have an alarm function and is even easier to use than the Screamer. The Mini-T is very handy for travel and the bright yellow colour is also a visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves.



Reviewer: Mikko