Review: Bikeminder maintenance app


Bikeminder is a brilliant new app that issues bike-specific reminders, allowing owners to track and plan maintenance. And it’s now available on Apple iTunes and the App store, and if you’re one of the first 1000 to download it, it’s absolutely free.

Bikeminder was designed by Honda CBR1100XX owner Derek Winton. After buying his first bike in 2014, Edinburgh-based Winton found logging bike maintenance, and referring to a hard copy manual for reminders, to be a slog. Bikeminder was born.

Bikeminder users can upload their own maintenance routines from manuals, or use the community-generated options that are available for hundreds of popular bikes. After every ride, users simply input mileage and Bikeminder will issue reminders when it’s time to check brake fluid, tyre pressure or any other part of the bike.

Users can also import photos to track changes and download a PDF of all the servicing they’ve carried out.


Winton said: “The app has three main advantages for users: increased safety, a reduction in repair costs and a better resale value for bikes. Before Bikeminder I was using a notebook to log maintenance and probably wasn’t doing checks as regularly as I should have been. Bikeminder reminded me to check my brake light when I probably wouldn’t have, and it did actually need to be replaced. Basically, Bikeminder means more time riding and less time worrying. Riders can be more confident about their bike’s road-readiness.”

Bikeminder is currently available Apple app store and on iTunes (but it’s not yet available for Android users). It’s free for the first 1000 users, going up to 99p for the next 1000, and will cost £1.99 thereafter.