checking oil

How to check motorcycle oil levels

checking oil

Motorcycle engines like to rev. Which means they need a plentiful supply of good quality oil to keep them sweet.

Run an engine low on oil and you’ll put extra stress on all its components. Checking the oil level is simple on most bikes. With the engine warm, either put the bike on its centre stand (if it has one) or get a mate to hold it upright and look in the inspection window on the bottom of the right-hand side of the motor. You should see oil in the window somewhere between the full and empty line. If it’s too low add oil slowly until it comes between the marks. Be careful not to overfill though.

On bikes with a dipstick, check the manual. Some need to be checked upright, others on the stand. Some need the dipstick screwing all the way in, others just resting on top of the threads.

Before you check the oil, wipe the dipstick with a cloth. Then put it into the engine, remove and look for oil between the low and full marks. Top up accordingly.

If when riding, the red oil warning light comes on, pull over somewhere safe and stop the engine. Check the oil immediately and top up if necessary. If the light stays on, you have a serious problem – don’t ride any further.