Expert tips for choosing your winter kit


Scott Empson, Managing Director of Nevis Marketing, gives us his top tips for what to look for when buying kit to get you through the winter conditions…

  • Choose items with reflective stripes or fluorescent patches. Make sure you’re seen by other road users. Give them the best chance by making yourself easy to see on those dark nights. When the rain is lashing down and their windscreen is fogged up, you’d be surprised at what a difference hi-vis material can make.
  • Layer-up. Three thinner layers are more beneficial than one big thick one. You can take them off if conditions change, or put more on if it gets colder, plus, each layer traps a layer of air which helps insulate heat.
  • Keep an eye out for breathable materials – they’re worth the money. It’s not just the rain that can make the inside of your jacket wet, it’s perspiration too. Breathable fabric ensures your sweat can get out and no water can get in.
  • Look for items with removable thermal liners – they’re more versatile and you can wear them all year round. It’s great to find a jacket/ trousers that you love, but when it comes to summer you may have to start the search again – but not if you can just pop the liner out!
  • Keep up to date with new technology. Last year Nevis launched the Shark Skwal helmet, the first with LED safety technology, with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, enabling the rider to be easily seen during these dark winter months. Products are constantly being innovated, so keep up to date, do your research and see what works for you.
  • Invest in key pieces – people often try and save some money by purchasing the cheapest gear they can find – for example, by the time you’ve bought three half-decent rain suits that have leaked, you’d have saved yourself money if you’d gone with the more expensive one!
  • Take your time. This doesn’t just apply with riding, but also when getting your gear on. Give yourself plenty of time to get geared-up – there’s nothing more annoying that that pesky gap up your sleeve or down your neck – make sure everything is tucked in and fastened up properly before you set off.

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