Build your own ELECTRIC Honda Cub

Shanghai Customs has made a name for itself over the last years,creating an eclectic mix of electric one-off specials – and now, the fledglingbrand has unveiled a kit which allows you to covert an old Honda Cub toelectric.

The Honda Cub is a tour-de-force in the two-wheel world. With over 100 million units sold since its introduction in 1958, you can buy a Cub for reasonable money almost anywhere in the world – which is exactly the reason Shanghai Customs has chosen it as the base bike for its new electric conversion kit.

Best of all, all you need to crack on with the conversion is a solid frame and some forks, because Shanghai Customs kit provides everything else as part of its kit. That’s because it wants to reuse and repurpose old Cubs rather than crank out another Chinese electric scooter.

Essentially, the Shanghai Customs eCUB Kit is an all-inclusive package which allows Honda Cub owners with basic mechanical skills and hand tools to convert their pride and joy from petrol to electric. And SH reckons you’ll be able to do it in less than a day.