Watt Bike news snippets

Booming electric mountain bike sales are leading to a rash of new components designed for dirt-friendly electrics. Brake giant Magura has just launched the Boltron USD fork, designed in co-operation with motorcycle suspension specialists WP and using knowhow from the motocross sector. With fixed compression oil damping, air suspension with automatic adjustment and travel of 120 or 150mm, the Boltron looks like just the thing for serious e-MTBs. KTM and Haibike have already unveiled bikes using it as standard equipment.


Shimano has launched their new E8000 motor system aimed at e-MTBs, offering 70Nm of torque. With some systems claiming 100Nm-plus, that’s not quite as ground-breaking as it sounds, but the E8000 does highlight the fact that high output drives are becoming mainstream.


Bicycle transmission specialist, SRAM, has also stepped into this expanding market with the EX1, which it says is: “the world’s first drive system specifically developed for the unique demands of the e-MTB. Quiet operation, intuitive shifting, increased battery life and greater durability, EX1 opens doors to a new world of mountain biking.”